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First Impressions to visitors and employees is the most important image that your company can make.  We offer many different items to help you accomplish that fresh clean smell. 

Air Sanitizers clean the air, reduce airborn bacteria and eliminate smoke and odors.  Lighter-than-air particles linger in the air, where they attach to and kill airborn bacteria and ordor molecules.  Air sanitizers are ideal for schools, medical facilities and food processing areas.

Air Freshners counteract surfact and airborn odors and leave a pleasant aroma.  However, they do not kill bacteria.  Air Fresheners are ideal for officces and homes.

Metered dispeners lets you customize usage.  Set start/stop time, plus spray level or set switch on for automatic spraying every 15 minuets, 24 hours a day, for 30 days.

Timemist is one the more popular brands of ultra concentrated aerosol for the mertered dispenser. This product scientifically counteracts odors and leave a pleasant aroma.  They come in an aray of different frangrances such as Clean 'N Fresh, French Kiss, Cherry, and Spring Flowers  A new line of fragances from Yankee Candle have recently be introduced and they include:  MacIntosh, Lilac Blossoms, Home Sweet Home, Sage & Citrus, Butter Cream and Clean Cotton.  One refill will cover 6,000 cubic feet.