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Cutlery is avaiable in medium or heavy weight and a variety of colors, black clear, champage, white and silver. It is break resistant, economical and practical for every day use. Foam and Translucent cups are strong, everyday drink cups which offer smooth drinking and leak-free travel. Clear Cups are durable and shatter resistant. Straws have diverse range of sizes and colors. 

How to choose dinnerware:

Paper Dinnerware:  It is the economical option.  Paper dinnerware is thinner and thus requires less storage space.

Foam Dinnerware:  Foam dinnerware is lighter than china, yet is strong enough to hold full portions without bending.  Foam has superior insulating qualities. 

Plastic Dinnerware:  Plastic is strong enough to hold up through an entire meal and is soak-proof and cut resistant.  It is also is the strongest disposable dinnerware.