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Canliners made of low density polyethlene have a thickness, stretchability and soft feel which makes them easier to handle.  High density ply has the strength, thinness and crisp feel of today's plastic grocery bags.  Both types of liners are comparable in strength for the same size.  We have all different sizes and strengths to choose from. CUSTOM BAGS AVAILABLE TO MEET YOUR SPECS.

24X24 6 MIC (7-10 GAL) Avilable in low density x-heavy white.

24X33 6 MIC (10-15 GAL) Available in low density x-heavy white.

40X48 14 MIC (40-45 GAL) Available in low density x-heavy white.

38X60 17 MIC (60 GAL) Available in low density x-heavy white.

Flat bottom construction holds up to 30% more than star bottom bags. Bags on a roll for easy dispensing. CUSTOM BAGS AVAILABLE TO MEET YOUR SPECS.

33X39 2 ML EQ. (33 GAL)

40X46 2 ML EQ. (40-45 GAL)

38X58 2 ML EQ. (60 GAL)

Biohazard bags for healthcare.  Infectious waste and infectious linen.

24 X 23, 33 X 39, 40 X 46 1.3 ML

We have 32 to 55 gallon rubbermaid brute containers.  Seamless, polyethylene construction, won't dent, rust or leak.  All colors are NSF/USDA approved for food contact and NSF tested/certified.

Brute Round Recycling Containers.  High campacity collection containers for high-volume areas.

United Receptacle Sand Urn powder coated, fire-safe steel.  Removable aluminum ashtray top.

Fiberglass Wastebaskets 7 qt, 14 qt, 28 qt, 40 qt. approved for indoor containment of dry flammable paper waste.